Product Glide Navigator II GPS_LOG CEGlide WinPilot SoaringPilot
Price $200, incl. 1year upgrades Free $199, incl. 1year upgrades, support $375/475 Advanced/Pro; Compaq s/n Free
Hardware Compaq Aero/iPaq (MIPS/Arm) PocketPC ([s]ARM/MIPS/SH(3/4)) Pocket PC (MIPS) Compaq Aero/iPaq (MIPS/Arm) PalmPilot
NMEA 183 version 1.5/2.0 Tested with garmin 12XL Tested with garmin GPS II 1.5/2.0; Tested with garmin GPS 35 1.5/2.0 auto
Primary waypoints Self-contained Self-contained GPS or internal waypounts Self-contained Relies on $GPRMB
Waypoint notes Yes, on waypoint/SUA touch, list Yes, on waypoint touch Yes but cumbersome (action|show) [Double]click for waypoints, airspace ?
Task display on map Yes Yes Yes, selected or always or shaded Yes No
Wind Manual or Auto from circling/airdata Manual or auto from circling or compass Auto from circling or manual. On map. Manual/Auto from circling; cruise (Pro) Manual head/tail component
Wind history/bands One manual setting Auto history, manually selectable No 3D wind display, wind new/in use No
McCready Yes, manual Yes, manual or automatic Auto in real time (r/time performance) Manual/Auto selectable Yes, manual
Speed-to-fly No!!! Yes, single, from polar,MC,sink, wind Yes, single from polar,MC,wind Yes, from polar, tabulated vs. MC Yes, tabulated vs. sink
Estimated IAS No, GPS GS only. (+Delta wind) Yes, GS corrected for altitude, wind Yes, GS corrected for altitude, wind ? No
Reachable w/points Marked distinctively on map Not calculated Not calculated Emphasized with font + arrival altitude Not calculated
Emergency GOTO No Yes, sorted by altitude needed Yes, sorted by altitude needed One-touch activation No
Ad-hoc w/p creation Manual temporary Manual permanent w/autosequence Manual (mk0..9, lift on tow), auto lift ? Manual temporary
Lift mark No Auto, by color(?) Auto w/strength mark No No
Lift optimizer No Larger dots/color in thermalling mode Thermal lift graphic w/average Graphic (Pro version only) No
Screen update rate Not adjustable Adjustable Adjustable ? Not adjustable
NAV boxes/info Few No No wind,new w,brg,trk,gs,dist,tp,avg20lift No
Moving map Yes Yes Yes Yes, color terrain, AGL Yes, basic
Ground map Roads, Boundaries (as SUA) User generated w/custom symbols Yes, user defined, vectors only Yes, Color, Shapefile, freely available No
Airspace map Yes, proximity alert, 12 hours Off list User generated w/help of Flight Display Yes, user defined, vectors only Yes, horizontal&vertical proximity alarm No
Map orientation Track Up/North Up Track Up/North Up/South Up ? North-Up, Track-Up, or Goal-Up Track Up
Map Pan Auto, Manual by dragging Auto w/threshold, manual by dragging Auto only(?) Auto(?), manual by dragging Auto only(?)
Map Zoom Manual or auto w/active task Manual or auto, adjustable scale step Manual or auto (selectable) Manual 1..500km or auto w/active task Manual 2-256nm
Thermalling zoom Manual Manual or auto adjustable zoom Auto (if selected) ? (Pro only?) No
Turnpoint zoom/reg Auto-zoom, auto-advance, FAI sector Yes Autozoom, plays sound when reached Auto-zoom, sector, auto-advance No
Track History Yes, adjustable length Yes, adjustable length No(?) Yes, adjustable length No
Altitude required Yes Yes, w/optional wind, ground clearance Yes,tabulated v.speed,delta/safe mode Yes Yes, tabulated vs. sink
Arival altitude Differential altitude No No Yes Yes
Satellite status "GPS Wait" status message No display, but logged to IGC file No(?) No(?) Fix flag, # of satellites locked
Lift readout No Instantaneous, adjustable average Graphical instantaneous, total average 20sec average Instantaneous, 30sec average
Instantanious L/D No Yes, based on average sink No(?) No(?) No
Final glide mult.t/p Can be selected w/active task To finish through last turnpoint 2 points: next then last turnpoint Yes, around all turnpoints, vs. MC No
Final glide graphic No No Yes, snd when glideslope alt. reached Yes No
Safety altitude factor Yes, adjustable, static Yes, adjustable, static Yes, adjustable, static+per distance Yes, adjustable, static Yes, adjustable, static
Units Statute/Nautical/Metric for each instr. Statute/Nautical/Metric Statute/Nautical/Metric for each instr. Nautical/Metric for each instrument Statute/Nautical/Metric
Logger start/stop (?) Manual w/pause or competition mode Start: auto on speed, Stop: manual Task autostart(?) Auto based on speed and timeout
Logger interval (?) Constant, adjustable w/pause 10/4/2 sec cruise/thermal/turnpoint 1sec fixed Constant, adjustable
Logger capacity Limited only by WinCE memory Limited only by WinCE memory ~50 hours in 1Mb Limited only by WinCE memory 8hrs+ @ 4sec in .5Mb
Aux timer/stopwatch Manual task timer w/active task Stopwatch No No(?) No
Logger format Non-secure IGC Secure ( non-apr.) IGC/proprietary CSV Non-secure IGC or Gardown Non-secure IGC IGC via COM port
Waypoint file format Cambridge/WinPilot Proprietary, can read ".tab" from WSTE Cambridge/Gardown/Proprietary Cambridge/WinPilot Cambridge/WinPilot
Polar file format Proprietary (L/D, Vl/d, V2) Proprietary, V^2 and V^4 models Proprietary, 3rd degree model Proprietary, 2nd degree model, availbl Proprietary
Task file format Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary Not saved
Bug factor Yes, 100..70% of clean Yes Yes, 0..30% Yes, 100..70% of clean 0..1
Load factor Yes, 0..100% of max ballast Yes Yes, 0..100% of max ballast Yes, 0..100% of max ballast No
Flight log replay No, legs statistics only w/active task Yes, w/pause, one adjustable timescale No, statistics only (with CEReview) IGC viewer/playback; dist/time/speed No
Additional software No Flight Display (PC) -- view/map overlay CEReview (CE) -- flight statistics No(?) SPTerm (PC) -- data exchange
Simulator or Demo Yes, CE Yes, by replaying a flight log file Yes, PC/CE, 1 hour of GPS input Yes, CE No
?Easy to setup/configure
?Available information (turnpoints, landing sites, airspace, ground maps, polars etc.)
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